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Get to know your professor and what he thinks:

Here are some of Dr. Miller's pedagogical beliefs and idiosyncracies, as well as some advice he has for you to succeed in his courses. We will go (or have gone) over this in class during the introduction to this wiki.

Have I seen you around here before?

If this is your first experience with a wiki (or wikispaces), please read the page for newbies before you do anything else.

Care and Feeding of Dr. Miller

Since most of you have not had Dr. Miller before, you might be interested in the Care and Feeding of Dr. Miller page. Please contribute to it as you learn how to handle Dr. Miller.


Here are some of the handouts.

Schedule and Assignments

You should check these pages well before each class period.
On the Schedule page you will find the course schedule detailing what we are going to do when, usually with links to the assignments (on the handouts page).

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